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A Christian, Family Owned and Operated Ranch
Dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, care and training
of unwanted and abused ponies.
ere at Angelwings we rescue ponies from the auction where they are sold to meat buyers and shipped out of Calif. to the slaughter house. We take donations and buy ponies from the auction as funds permit.

The ponies are then well fed to fatten them up - they are almost always under nourished when we rescue them.

See pictures of our healthy happy ponies

ome of these ponies are up for adoption and some are here to stay, those that stay need sponsors. The more sponsors we have the more ponies that can stay here at Angelwings.

Sponsors get to visit, ride and play with their pony!
Find out how you can sponsor an Angelwings pony

Other ponies we get are ponies that kids have out grown or lost interest in or can't afford to feed them and the owners donate them to Angelwings for our sponsorship program.

We also have each pony vaccinated and give them special attention such as hoof trimming or even medication if needed. We spend time everyday working with the ponies to see how much they already know and teach them more. Many are already very smart, but to many we must give extra training to help them be the well behaved, fun loving ponies they have the potential to be. Learn more about what we do.
The Ranch and some of the ponies

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We now offer Pony Stud Services
for a small donation fee,
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